Factory – building an online tool to connect talent and like-minded

UX – UI – app design – wireframing – specs – prototyping

Factory Berlin is an ecosystem of more than 3,000 members from over 70 nations. In two impressive co-working spaces in Berlin, Factory brings together the brightest minds in tech, politics, art, and design. In order to connect talent and like-minded within its community, Factory has set out to build its own online platform. I was part of a small team that brought the first ideas for a community tool to life. We started with workshops and sketches to collect different ideas and approaches. We then developed an MVP consisting of profile pages and filter options. The platform is based on a modular system that contains adaptive and responsive UI components in a sketch library. The digital community platform is an agile and constantly changing project. On this page, I give an overview of the designs I created for the first round of the platform.